Using Orange in Your Kitchen

The idea of an orange kitchen may put off many budding interior designers. It’s not an easy color to work with - in part because it’s difficult to find complements that won’t make your kitchen look like a fast food restaurant or chromatic ode to Halloween.

These spicy orange walls are smashing

These spicy orange walls are smashing

But orange is an important color for any room when used correctly. It brings a rustic warmth that’s matched by its progressive and daring style. The trick is to think of your orange hues as cozy, like a flickering flame, and not citrusy, which may be too acidic on the eyes. Choosing a hue that’s too electric is probably extreme. Instead, look for reddish variations like poppy or blood orange.

To find the right balance of orange in your kitchen, first gauge the space.

A small room will feel overwhelmed by too much orange, but accents - like light covers or chairs - could bring out colorful focal points. Certain cabinet styles may work well with orange too. European-style cabinets are a perfect mix of modern and traditional cabinetry, which is sure to match the color’s versatility between these dual schools of design.


Emily FischelComment