Open A Door to Cuisine Idéale: An Expression of Your Lifestyle

Since 1971, Cuisine Idéale has come to signify excellence and reliability in frameless cabinets. Their staff keeps its finger on the pulse of the latest in design and technology, making them the benchmark in kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturing.

You want a kitchen that says who you are, Cuisine Idéale does everything it takes to express your lifestyle.

You know you’re getting the latest trends because they’re constantly monitoring the market for new design and technology; thus, the outstandingly wide selection of doors, cabinets, and high quality finishes. And in order to give you the best products, they use the best material quality, which give them the opportunity to offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Through the years, Cuisine Idéale has expanded its product line: from a selection of oak diamond doors to Italian lacquer doors with high gloss finishes and exotic wood species for a wide variety of uses. Take a look …

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