Great sustainable options for gift wrapping

Once you've got an awesome gift prep station set up with gorgeous custom cabinetry and plenty of space to get your holiday wrapping done, you may want to consider some green paper options. Just like you may have sought out sustainable materials for your vanity cabinets in the bathroom or elements of your kitchen design, going green with wrapping paper is an eco-friendly breeze. Consider these fun alternatives to your usual wrapping paper.

Grocery bags
Did you forget to bring your usual tote with you to the grocery store? Why not repurpose that brown paper bag into Whole Foods-themed gift wrap for the foodie on your list?

Leftover fabric
Are you a sewer with a little leftover fabric from a previous project? Consider wrapping up a gift in this, then tie it all together with a stylish bow.

The Sunday funnies
This classic newsprint idea is perfect for kids. Styled with a goofy bow, it's even better.

Re-gifted gift wrap
Stingy? Not at all. Just rewrap a new gift in previously used paper. Just like re-gifting, if done with subtlety and style, no one will be any the wiser.

Emily FischelComment