Keeping your media console both stylish and organized

Packed with DVDs, Blu-rays, CDs, LPs, assorted video games for assorted consoles and an endless supply of gadgets and gizmos (how many cable boxes is that anyway?), it can be a titanic chore to keep your media console looking organized. Heap the idea of staying stylish on top of that and it's a nearly impossible feat. Never fear though, with the right shelving and custom cabinetry, you'll be in great shape in no time. Consider these stylish suggestions.

Glass-fronted cabinets
Like those old-fashioned glass-fronted bookshelves? There's no reason why you can't co-opt that look for your movie collection! Organized properly, you'll be proud to show off your great taste in film.

Custom Media Console

Custom Media Console

Frameless cabinets
Media consoles tend to celebrate the modern, so why not give yours a contemporary look? Frameless cabinets aren't just efficient and useful, but they're modern in design and sure to satisfy your aesthetic.

Clever hidden storage
Want to keep your space clear of clutter? Why not invest in plenty of storage space for everything from your TiVo box to your kids' Nintendo Wii? This way, you won't have a multitude of appliances crowding the television itself, so you can enjoy that giant HD flat screen in all its cinematic glory.