A variety of material will keep your kitchen visually appealing

Kitchen design isn't just about color and space but the feel and texture of your surfaces. Whether it's a tabletop, counters or backsplash you're looking to overhaul, keep in mind that a variety of materials will likely give your kitchen that certain je ne sais quoi you're craving.
Cabinet design can add layer and dimension to your kitchen space, but you may also want to consider the material from which your cupboards and drawers are constructed. A variety of woods are available for homeowners, but kitchen cabinetry can also be crafted of aluminum or brushed steel. These textiles can offer your space a look that's far from ordinary.

When looking at counter tops, consider butcher's block wood instead of the usual marble or granite. It often succeeds in lightening the atmosphere and color scheme, and with the right finish, is just as effective in its functional capacity.

Stone is another great design choice. Brick makes for excellent kitchen décor, and is also heat-resistant and extremely durable. For those serious about their kitchen work, stone might make for the ideal functional and aesthetic choice.

Emily FischelComment