How Often Do You Use Your Kitchen Appliances?

Kitchen storage is one of the trickiest parts of organization. Does your rice cooker go in front of or behind the colander? Do you store steak knives with butter knives? How many times have you actually used those mason jars?

Kitchen storage doesn't have to be particularly complicated, especially if you've got the right cabinetry. Custom cabinets can go a long way in making your kitchen both a functional and beautiful space and options like frameless cabinets will help shape how you use your kitchen storage.

When the time comes to begin arranging your appliances, try designating them into tiers of importance - you'll be using your silverware, plates and bowls often, so keep them within reach. This prime space includes kitchen counters, top drawers and low cabinet shelves.

If you're the sort of person who does a fair amount of cooking and preparation, you'll want your knife collection and cutting boards readily available. Keep these items close together, near peelers, graters, can openers and other commonly used cooking utensils.


Not every kitchen layout is going to be the same. Some people might bury their tea kettle away while others will keep it front and center on the stove, right beside the French press. Once you've got your cabinetry customized to your kitchen style, begin sorting. All organization should be this fun!