Liven up your kitchen with a mosaic backsplash

The backsplash isn't usually the focal point of the kitchen. It usually needs to be more functional than decorative - smooth, durable and easy to wipe down. But while tile, granite and marble make traditionally popular backsplashes, there's one approach that's far more decorative and can really bring your counter space to new life.

Mosaics have a long and storied history in interior decorating. From the long-buried homes of ancient Pompeii to modern swimming pools and fountains, mosaics are a popular merger of art and décor.

Consider using an assemblage of tile for your backsplash. Arrange it into patterns, images or sparks of color. Your backsplash is the canvas, and your tiles are the paint. Look into ceramic, glass, porcelain or any other number of tile types. Go for a realist style or something more modern and abstract. You may find that your backsplash mosaic is the central motif for your kitchen, from classical Mediterranean grape leaves and olives to bright fireworks of primary colors. Infuse some life into your kitchen design, one tile at a time!