Finding fresh home ideas in your basement

If you're running out of space on the main level of your home, look to your basement, which may not only offer extra square footage, but plenty of opportunity for storage and decorative elements. Here are a few ways to transform your basement from drab to fab:

Embrace an industrial style
If your basement is unfinished, consider leaving your ceiling exposed instead of installing drywall. This embraces an industrial, urban feel that can contribute to your interior design. This homeowner chose to leave the ceiling as-is, using statement pieces and bright rugs to give life to the space.

Add a window
If there aren't any windows in your basement, consider adding one. Not only will it increase the value of your home, it contributes plenty of natural light, safety and increased airflow.

Don't ignore your basement: it can have many uses!

Don't ignore your basement: it can have many uses!

Use storage
Traditional cabinetry isn't just for the kitchen. Consider adding cabinets to your basement for extra storage space.

Give your floors a makeover
Simply treating your floors and making them look like new can transform your entire basement. Give it a new look with a waterproof stain, which you can find at home centers.

Splurge on a bar
If you have extra space, consider adding a bar or a beverage refrigerator to keep drinks chilled for when you're entertaining.

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