Storage ideas for a walk-in closet

One common type of closet design is a walk-in closet. It allows for plenty of space to not only store clothes, but shoes, handbags, hats and other clothing accessories. But with such a big space, it can be easy to get disorganized quickly. Help your closet stay streamlined and decluttered with these storage ideas:

Use wall space

Storing your shoes on the floor takes up much too much space in your closet. Instead, utilize vertical wall space by stacking your shoes on racks like this homeowner did. It makes them easy to see and simple to coordinate with an outfit.

Baskets for small items

Accessories like socks or scarves don't need a large area in which to be stored. Instead, group them into small organized baskets. You could label each container or color-code them so you know which is which.

Imagine the possibilities of a well-designed walk-in closet!

Imagine the possibilities of a well-designed walk-in closet!

Lidded bins

When it's time to put away your winter sweaters, store them in lidded bins on the top shelf of your closet. This keeps them out of the way and creates more room for the appropriate seasonal clothing.


Install a few hooks on the bottom of open shelving or cabinets to allow for more storage space. You can hang scarves or purses on these hooks for a convenient way to put your accessories on display.

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