Makeup stations for the beauty addict

Don't let any space go to waste in your master bathroom design! Vanity cabinets can function in a sink area and double up as a makeup station. Here are some design ideas for the beauty addict in all of us:

If you don't have extra room to spare regarding your vanity cabinets, situate a built-in cabinet design in another area of the master bathroom. The additional counter and storage space can be designated with the sole purpose of having a makeup application areaFramed cabinets on both side frames of the seating area provide plenty of space to store your hair tools, while drawers keep your cosmetics organized. A large mirror and additional overhead lighting via sconces are perfect for both morning and evening makeup application. 

Wrap your vanity cabinets to create an L-shaped work station.

Wrap your vanity cabinets to create an L-shaped work station.

Extend your vanity cabinets to create an L-shape cabinet design. The extra counter space is perfect for creating a sit-down makeup station. Feel free to play with different levels in this design: A higher countertop at the sink area is ideal for washing your hands, face and brushing your teeth while the lower makeup counter allows you to sit more comfortably. If you need more storage space, you can always extend your vanity cabinets upward as well - a corner cabinet design offers more space for towels and hygiene products without getting in the way of the two central stations. 

Don't forget to add a lighted, extending wall mirror to check the back of your hair!