Four refreshing ideas to style your child's bedroom

Whether you're preparing to welcome your first child or are looking for design ideas to redo your child's bedroom, there are plenty of creative ideas to help you transform an ordinary space into a magical place where your child can grow, play, learn and sleep. Consider any of these five refreshing children's bedroom decor ideas that are sure to inspire:

1. Create a beautiful nursery filled with lots of color and imagination by incorporating a wall mural into the design. From bold patterns to animal characters, these images are sure to delight and entertain your baby at all times.

2. Design a place where your child can escape into the far-off realms of a good book. Story time is much more exciting when your little one can crawl into a comfy chair positioned under a canopy or a reading nook situated between a built-in cabinet design.

3. Use a cabinet design to maximize on storage in a small or shared space. Open shelves above the bed are perfect for storing books and stuffed animals. Situate drawers underneath the beds for personalized storage space you can use for clothes and shoes.

Make your child's space a haven

Make your child's space a haven

4. Designate zones in the nursery or kids room. A desk, small table and chairs or a chalkboard wall are perfect for crafts and will help keep messes contained to one area of the room. Use another wall for the bed and storage, and try to keep the middle of the floor plan open so that kids can set up toys and games.


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