Tips to design an efficient home office in a small space

If you don't have a spare room to dedicate to a home office, there are other ways you can design a functional office in your home. A few overlooked areas in the home that may be efficient for creating a work area include a closet, corner, hallway, under the stairs, or even an unused area of your kitchen design. Once you've mapped out an area, follow these tips to set up shop:

       Plan a small home office

       Plan a small home office

Keep it simple - You only need the essentials to master a small-space home office design. Limit your work area to a desk, chair and lighting. A built-in cabinet design is a great way to save space in a tight hallway or utilize an unused nook in the home.

Customize your furniture - Situate a desk between bookshelves, built-in cabinets or an entertainment center. Keep the desk design the same color as the other storage solutions to mimic the look of a solid structure, rather than multiple pieces placed together.

Multi-task - During the process of renovating your kitchen design, consider adding a work space to the heart of your home. The compact workstation allows you to pay bills, check your email and keep an eye on the boiling water at the same time.

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