Increasing storage space in your kitchen

If you need more space in your kitchen but don't want to go through the process of a remodel, there are many ways of increasing the amount of storage in your space.

Clean and relocate
First, go through each of your kitchen cabinets and clean out everything. There may be items in there that you haven't touched since you've moved in. Put the contents into piles of things to keep and things to throw away. If you haven't used it in years, chances are, you won't in the future.

After you're done cleaning everything out, ask yourself if you have items in your kitchen that can be relocated to another room. For example, maybe you have china that would look great displayed on a hutch in the living room. Or maybe your cookbook collection can be strategically placed in a nearby family room library.

Hanging pots and pans saves cabinet space

Hanging pots and pans saves cabinet space

Take advantage of wall-mounted storage
Hooks and rails are popular for holding large kitchen utensils like pots and pans. They can be mounted on the wall to allow for much more space in your cabinets. You could also invest in a pot rack that hangs at the appropriate height above your island for easy access.

Cabinet inserts
You can find cabinet inserts at any organization or kitchen store - they help to double the shelf space inside your custom cabinets for more room to store essentials. Or, when you are creating your custom kitchen from scratch, we'd be glad to help you design custom storage at that time.