Some kitchen backsplash ideas

The backsplash in your kitchen not only protects the walls from the spills and splatters that come with the kitchen, it's also a very decorative element. From colorful tiles to contemporary metal, there is a wide variety of choices to make it easy to fit the design style of your space. Here are a few options for your kitchen:

A tiled kitchen backsplash

A tiled kitchen backsplash

Mirrors traditionally belong in the bathroom, but many homeowners are bringing them into the kitchen as well for a mirror backsplash. They can make a small kitchen look larger and brighter by reflecting the light from windows and lamps. However, keep in mind that they require constant cleaning, because fingerprints and splatters show up easily.

Ceramic or porcelain tile
This backsplash is very popular among homeowners because of its versatility. It's easy to match the floors and custom cabinets and they're somewhat easy to install. Try an off-white backsplash if you have warm white cabinetry to really enhance and enlarge the look of the kitchen.

Metal backsplashes work great with modern cabinets. The backsplash can be sheet metal or metal tiles. Metal tiles fit a traditional style, while sheet metal that is brushed can be more contemporary.

The options can be overwhelming. Call us to help you choose your next backsplash to accompany your new cabinets.