Gold-inspired bathroom themes

In light of Apple's recent announcement that it plans to release a gold version of its next iPhone, we are feeling particularly inspired by the shimmery hue. Long associated with wealth, luxury and opulence, gold can provide a unique palette for your bathroom design.

Gold décor pieces are a wonderful complement to brown walls.

Gold décor pieces are a wonderful complement to brown walls.

Old-fashioned and exquisite
We love the dramatic decor in this glamorous room. A gold tub with matching metal fixtures and lush, textured drapes makes a statement against brown walls. The homeowner completed the look with adequate lighting to keep the space bright. Breathtaking his-and-hers vanity cabinets topped with marble are brought to life with two intricate gold mirrors.

Crisp and stylish
Is the space above too old-fashioned for your taste? Go mod with clean lines and a tiled gold backsplash in the shower area. This homeowner contrasted gold wall panels with dark brown ones. We also love the idea of completing the space with a funky yet modern gold bathtub.

Open and airy
If you are already blessed with plenty of natural light in your bathroom area, gold can provide just enough substance to balance out a bright space. This homeowner used gold walls and window treatments to complement cream-colored floors and bathroom fixtures. As a result, the room takes on an almost celestial feel.

Would you like to use some King Midas-inspired touches in your bathroom remodel?