Design elements of a contemporary home office

Looking to update or renovate your workspace at home? If your esthetic leans toward the modern end of the design spectrum, you'll want to consider implementing the following design elements to create a functional, contemporary home office:

Clean lines - Modern interior design often relies on linear lines to help draw the eye in and around the room. Frameless cabinets are a great option for storage in a contemporary workspace because they have a seamless look to them and offer a sleek element to the office space.

Bold red walls enliven this home office

Bold red walls enliven this home office

Color - Although color is universal when it comes to interior design, traditional esthetics typically rely on neutral or muted tones, whereas modern design allows more room for playing with bold, bright hues. For a high-energy space, consider a bright yellow, orange or red paint color. Keep the rest of the design somewhat neutral to help balance the look. 

Accessories - Don't be afraid of fun and quirky accessories in your home office. Your cabinet design and wall color are the backdrop for the rest of your home office necessities. Find a funky desk chair, a cool lamp and one-of-a-kind art pieces to decorate the room and give the overall design an extra kick. 

If you need uber-tranquility, though, perhaps using softer colors is your best choice. What's your preference?