Let's Organize ... the Pantry

By organizing your pantry, you can save valuable time in the kitchen. When cooking or baking, you'll know exactly where everything is so that you don't have to waste time searching. Instead of digging through your pantry, try these easy few starter tips to create an organized kitchen design:

       Organized serving pieces grace this display

       Organized serving pieces grace this display

Start by cleaning out the pantry
There may be items shoved into the back of your pantry that you don't even know you have. Be brutal: throw out foods that are too old, or donate canned goods that you know you're not going to use. This clears out space for you to bring in new kitchen essentials.

Create zones
Organize your pantry into different areas. For example, one section could be aimed toward the kids so that they can come home and grab an after-school snack like pretzels, Goldfish or granola bars. A plastic shoe box is terrific for storing these grab-and-go snacks.

Other zones could include baking items, spices and seasonings, unopened oils and condiments, etc. Think about all of the things you do in the kitchen on a regular basis to help you create these various areas of your pantry.

Place items according to use
If you use pasta regularly, don't store it in the back of the pantry. Put the things that you frequently use in the front where they can be easily seen and grabbed.

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