Let's Organize ... Shoes

Really -- there is nothing we love better than an organized home -- from our DVD collection to our kitchen knives to our belts .. and on and on. 

Here are some ideas for organizing your shoe collection that's probably taking up valuable room in your closet. These few ideas (we have so many more to share!) can help you free some valuable space, while creating attractive displays. They can help make finding shoes to complement any outfit easy, fast and fun. 

        Shoes, glorious shoes! How we love them!

        Shoes, glorious shoes! How we love them!

Custom cabinets
Use custom cabinetry to house your shoe collection, no matter how extensive it is! Shallow cabinets with shelves can even be designed with doors to keep everything out of sight. You can also use the top of the cabinet for a decorative display to personalize your closet even more.

Shoes as art
Installing floating shelves on your available walls is another option and can create wearable wall art. If you have a special collection of shoes you like to show off even when they aren't on your feet, this is a fun way to do that.

Add some color
Basic shoe racks can become art installations with a simple coat of paint. Add some color to your closet space that will make the shoes you hang on your newly painted rack really pop. Use your favorite colors from the clothes in your closet as inspiration.

DIY display
If you have too many wire hangers, use them strung across a cord in your closet to hang shoes. Simply bend the ends up and insert them into the toes of your shoes, and you will create a functional art piece. Form and function: our favorite combination.

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