Let's Organize ... The Linen Closet

It's very easy for a linen closet to become cluttered in a hurry. Between blankets, towels and sheets, your shelves can quickly turn into a big mess. Here are some organizing suggestions for your linen closet. 

We love a tidy linen closet

We love a tidy linen closet

Adjustable shelving
As far as we’re concerned, adjustable shelving is mandatory in just about area in every remodel. You want your space to work for you, not the other way around.
It’s inevitable that you’re going to gather more towels, sheets and blankets; so you're going to need to find room in your linen closet. This is where adjustable shelving comes in. This way, if you need more height to accommodate your growing towel collection, you can move your shelves as needed.

Put seasonal items in back
It wouldn't make sense to store your bed sheets and frequently used towels in the back of your closet. This is just going to create a mess when you pull them out. Make it easy on yourself by storing seasonal items, like beach towels and comforters (or sleeping bags), in the back.

Use baking soda
Keep your linen closet fresh by placing a box of baking soda on a shelf. This will keep all of your linens smelling crisp and new. The baking soda should be replaced about every six months. If you prefer, dryer sheets can also be used to keep things smelling nice.

Tie towels together
In order to keep your sets of various towels organized and ready to go, tie together stacks of towels with ribbon. This way when you have guests over, the linens will be conveniently within reach and presented in a tidy fashion.

Learn how to fold a sheet properly
One of life’s great mysteries is how to fold a fitted sheet. In short: tuck each corner into itself, lay sheet on a flat surface, and fold the rest neatly. We like this Consumer Reports video: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/video-hub/home--garden/bed--bath/folding-fitted-sheets/16935265001/74731173001/

We recently heard another great sheet organizing idea: neatly load the pillowcase, flat and fitted sheets into the set's extra pillowcase, which keeps each set together!

Use jumbo zipper plastic bags
For little-used items, why not try a jumbo Ziploc bag for additional storage? These come in handy all over the house, by the way!

Do you have more ideas? Let us know.

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