Decorate with Black? Sure!

The color black can add a touch of drama and boldness to any space. It makes the shades around it pop and conveys a sense of sophistication. (Did the LBD ever go out of style? Of course not.)

What many interior designers love the most about this dark hue is its versatility. It offers an unlimited number of uses for a home's interior, whether the color is used in a picture frame or a chair in the foyer. If you're searching for more ways to incorporate black into your space, consider any of these on-trend decorating ideas:

Black bathroom walls
Bold black walls would stand out against a stark white tub, shower and sink. You can accent with neutrals or splashes of bright colors. If you're concerned about making a small room look smaller, you don't have to be. Dark rooms actually feel larger because the room's lines disappear. And if you use shiny black tile, it will reflect the light.

Sleek, stunning, and never out of style: basic black.

Sleek, stunning, and never out of style: basic black.

Try a chalkboard wall
Give life to your kitchen design by painting one of its walls with chalkboard paint. Not only does the color bring details in the space to life, but it's perfect for a family-friendly room. Schedules, inspirational quotes and grocery lists can all be written on the wall for everyone to see.

Use black accents
If you don't want to paint the walls black, you can wake up your space by using black accents, like chairs, light fixtures, dinnerware and custom cabinets.

We were all about black and white in the early 70’s – and we love it still today! Send us some pictures of your B/W decorated spaces.