Four Places To Add Cabinets That Aren’t The Kitchen

Cabinets aren’t just for the kitchen and bathroom anymore. You can use custom (or stock) cabinetry throughout your entire home. Just look around ...

Laundry Room: Extra linens and cleaning supplies are often stored in the laundry room. By adding cabinets, these items will have their own space and be easily found next time you need to use them. Make life even easier by adding a utility sink to the laundry room: no more carrying wet clothes around trying to prewash muddy uniforms or get stains out of your favorite outfit.

Mudroom: Tired of tripping over shoes and coats whenever you leave? Have cubbies installed in your mudroom or entryway. These nooks will be helpful in making sure everyone has their own space to put their coats and shoes when they get home. Then, of course, you have to train the family to USE these new spaces!! ;-)

Craft Room: A room with drawers, shelves, and peg boards is a serious crafter's dream! Finding what you need for a particular project is easy when custom cabinets are installed that match your storage needs. Be sure to leave room for your sewing machine(s) and use very durable surfaces for those counter tops!

Entertainment Room: Being a focal point in any house, the entertainment room is a perfect place for personalized cabinets. Not only can you create an entertainment center that fits your space and storage needs, but you can make sure it flows well with the other cabinets and furniture in your home. When we design this area, let's keep in mind that technology (e.g. TVs keep getting bigger) is ever-changing, so we need to create flexible and adaptable spaces.

Call us soon to talk about creative ways to add cabinetry to your home -- and how we can save you money on your projects, too!

Emily FischelComment