4 things every home office needs

Working from home is great. You don't have to worry about a long commute in the morning, and you can easily take care of home errands during your lunch break. However, there are a few features every good home office needs. If you're trying to spruce up your own work space, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Custom cabinets
Storage space is essential in any work environment. You're going to have documents and supplies that you need to keep organized. Cabinets can take care of this for you, and custom cabinetry will let you set the dimensions just the way you want them. Add lots of functionality with a charging station and trash can cabinet.  Ok, those are personal wants!

2. Comfortable chair
You're going to be spending about eight hours every day sitting in your home office. With this in mind, make sure you invest in a good chair. You don't want to choose something that's uncomfortable and get cramps. Try reading some reviews and asking friends if they have any recommendations. Personally, I love my Metrex Mesh Task Chair. It was only about $99 and is so comfortable!

3. Good technology
You can't work from home without a functional computer or printer. Make sure you have both of these options in reach so you can quickly type and print whatever documents you need. I also think two computer screens is a great idea if you have the room: maybe for those of you who love to have 300(!) programs open at once? You may also want a few other gadgets in your home office. For example, a shredder is a tool professionals often need to use, as is a label maker. If you have a lot of documents you have to keep organized, labels may be just the thing you need to make sorting easier.

4. Inspiration board
Keep the creativity alive while you're at work by giving yourself an inspiration board. Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed or short on ideas, take a moment to study all of the items pinned up. This will help you relax and start generating more thoughts. We customized ours as our backsplash. It was simple to buy a cork roll from Staples and trim with matching molding!