Blending Modern & Farmhouse Styles in Your Kitchen Design

Can't decide between a modern and farmhouse interior for your new or remodeled kitchen? Well, you don't have to. These completely different styles complement each other with a blend of old and new that comes across both warm and cool. Here's how to achieve this style combination:

Balance natural and industrial materials
Farmhouse design relies on natural materials such as weathered wood, stone and brick, while modern homes utilize the sleek finishes that chrome, stainless steel and granite give off. The goal is to blend these two materials together. For example, create a modern farmhouse kitchen design with a weathered wood table, sleek black floors and a wrought iron light fixture.

Use a neutral color palette
Keep the focus on the architectural elements in the room by maintaining a subdued color palette of neutrals. You can introduce small splashes of color here and there using greenery or maybe a decorative bowl filled with ever-changing seasonal fruit and veggies. For a little more fun (or color), you can try a funky conversation piece that combines both form and function. 

Add farmhouse doors
Instantly bring country charm into your home by swapping out a regular interior door for a sliding barnhouse door. This door can become the focal point of any room, and can be balanced out with contemporary elements like stainless steel faucets or granite countertops.

Whichever your preference, remember to make this your own space with your own personality! Call us to help with your kitchen design ideas.

Emily FischelComment