The Great TV Placement Debate

We recently read an interesting design article about TV placement and thought we’d share it with you as you plan your build or remodel. After all, it is debate season. Get your mind off politics for a while and try this: where to place a TV. There are as many thoughts about this as there are about toilet paper rolls …

Over the Fireplace? Herein lies the greatest debate. Designers who are TV-freaks say, “Sure, why not?”, while others avoid it like the plague. If the set is going to be mounted over the fireplace, you must be sure the wall is adequately insulated and constructed, of course. Remember that it’s not going to be at [the preferred] eye-level either. It’s also a nice idea to frame the TV, or hide it behind a pair of sliding door, or build some custom cabinetry around it. If you’re lucky, you will also have a “quiet place” in your home where guests can chat without a TV to distract the conversation.

In the Master Bedroom? In the old days, the second TV in the house went into Mom & Dad’s room. Why? Peace and quiet and the ability to watch their favorite programs. (Cue Dinah Shore, Ed Sullivan, Johnny Carson…) These days it’s, again, a matter of choice. Some of us cannot sleep without the white noise; others embrace the quiet of the bedroom. A wireless headset might come in handy … or a tablet with shortcuts to YouTube or Audible and a set of headphones. One can watch or read while the other sleeps. Verdict: it’s a personal choice and in no way a design faux pas.

In Children’s Rooms? This one got a resounding “no” all around. You can pretty much figure out why.

In the Kitchen? A small set discreetly placed can, indeed, be a welcome addition when you’re spending a lot of time there and prefer a picture to, perhaps, some music. We recently saw a kitchen where a 13” flat screen was mounted in a corner, allowing the chef to listen and those at the island to watch. It’s an especially nice addition when you want to catch up on the news. In these days of streaming media, however, a tablet on a stand can also provide that visual and audible input. Pair it with a Bluetooth speaker and, voila!

Let us know your thoughts and ideas and remember, we’re cabinetry specialists, so if you want that TV hidden, call us!!