Must-have features for your kitchen

You have a ton of features to choose from when renovating your kitchen, which means it can be difficult to determine what you want to add. To help you narrow your choices, here are a few must-have features to incorporate in your kitchen design:

Glass cabinet doors

Not all of your cabinets need to boast glass doors, but a small section should contain this feature. Glass doors add an extra layer of depth to your kitchen while also giving you the opportunity to show off some decor. For example, place vibrantly colored vases and mixing bowls behind the glass panels to give the space a pop of color.

Roll-out shelves

Roll-out shelves have gained popularity in the last year. Now, when you open a cabinet you can pull out each individual shelf. This makes finding the ingredients and tools you need a whole lot easier.

Appliance garages

Keeping your countertops clutter-free is a lot easier when you use an appliance garage. Your cooking electronics can be safely out of the way while you're preparing a meal but easily pulled out if needed.

Pot filler

Trying to fill up a large cooking pot in the sink is a hassle. Usually, your pot is so tall that you have to angle it under your faucet, and then once it's filled, you have to lug it over to the stove. A pot filler is strategically fixed to the wall above the stovetop, so all you have to do is swivel the spout over your pot to fill it.

Are there more features? Absolutely. We'll discuss these shortly....