Small space? Consider a galley kitchen.

A galley-style kitchen is just what you need to efficiently use your small space. This kitchen design is popular in compact kitchens, because it effectively utilizes the whole room for maximum storage and utility. Here are a few tips for making your galley kitchen work with your space:

Choose the right colors

Since galley-style kitchens tend to work the best in small spaces, it's beneficial to use lighter hues in your color scheme. If you go too dark, then the area can feel cramped and stifling. To ensure this doesn't happen, make most of your colors light and bright. If you do decide you want to have a darker element in the space, like deep brown cabinets, just make sure you offset this color with a neutral backsplash and countertop.

Add plenty of light

The narrow and compact space associated with a galley kitchen can make it seem closed off to the rest of the house. Make this area feel more inviting with plenty of illumination. You can do this by adding strategically placed fixtures or placing a window at the end of the kitchen – natural light will illuminate the space and make it feel larger.

Use space efficiently

When choosing your kitchen cabinets, make sure you pick ones that will provide you with efficient and easy-to-use storage options. For example, you might want to have pull-down shelves installed in upper cabinets so you can easily use the top shelves for extra food and tools. Deep pullout drawers are also a popular item for galley kitchens. They give you a lot of storage without forcing you to crouch down and dig through a cupboard. We’ve got lots of great ideas for efficient use of space.

You should also choose cabinetry that's tall. Since your space is small, you don't want that foot gap between your cupboards and the ceiling. Use all that space to gain a little more storage for your kitchen items.