Canyon Creek Cabinet’s Curated Color Collection

As pretty as it is alliterative, Canyon Creek’s  Curated Collection of 24 now-standard colors include some of their existing best sellers, plus a wide range of whites, greys and strong, saturated colors. The collection pulls from industry trends and customer feedback on the increasing popularity of painted finishes to provide a well-rounded selection for simplified and neutral palettes, and bold colors for vibrant accents.

The collection includes classic whites in a range of warm and cool tones for an emphasis on simplicity, with hints of blue, grey, green, peach, beige and yellow. The grey palette has the ability to remain neutral with lighter shades, growing darker for a more dominant presence and ending up with a cool, rich black as the perfect accent color for designs from traditional to modern.

The existing soft yellow, green, blue and red colors have become more saturated by going richer, warmer and brighter. These vibrant hues add the focal point of color by breaking up the uniformity of a neutral palette.

The Curated Collection offers designer paint colors to add beauty, sophistication and polish to any room.  We love using color, don’t you?