Love the look of metal countertops, but would prefer more creativity in design? Use metal gilded wood surfaces from Grothouse.

Introducing the Anvil line, a revolutionary new series of metal gilded wood surfaces available exclusively from Grothouse. This unique new product line employs masterful finishing techniques to gild wooden countertops. This finish of real metal particles creates a sophisticated surface that imitates metal in look and function.

The Anvil™ Magnum finish is made of real metal particles that result in a brass-like countertop appearance. Magnum brass countertops are appearing to be the most popular out of the eight options available since our recent introduction of Anvil™ metal countertops.

Magnum countertops are identical to real brass countertops in look, but embrace the benefits of wood countertops. Some of the many benefits of Magnum countertops is that they are warm to the touch, can be used in curved applications and complex shapes, can feature any Grothouse edge profile, and can include any of our custom options, something metals can not do.

Because of their design flexibility, Magnum countertops can be custom crafted for any style space in your home. The Magnum finish is made of real metal particles and as a result the countertops can develop a patina overtime that adds to the character and charm of the surface. If you would like to keep the countertop looking pristine, it can be sealed with our Durata® waterproof and permanent finish.

The Anvil™ Magnum finish can be applied to any wood specie or an exterior substrate for outdoor use. Below is the Magnum finish on a Reclaimed Oak wood counter.

Magnum Finish on Reclaimed Oak

Magnum Finish on Reclaimed Oak

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