We're So Proud of Cabico's Generosity

Cabico lends a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Harvey


In late August 2017, Texas was hit by Harvey, one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the United States since Katrina. The devastating damage and loss of human life will affect the population in all areas of their lives for many years to come. The media has since moved on to other topics, but the needs of those affected are still just as pressing.

“We are profoundly affected by what the people of Texas are going through, and we would like to help them get their lives back on track,” said Cabico president Alain Ouzilleau. In the spirit of solidarity, Cabico is donating $50,000 to hurricane victims in Texas. “Although $50,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the billions of dollars worth of damage, for us it’s a tangible way of telling Texans that we haven’t forgotten them, even a month after the event,” Alain Ouzilleau explained. “Some of our customers are among the victims, but so are their families, their own customers, their suppliers, their children’s schools, and on and on. This disaster has affected everyone. That’s why we decided to donate directly to the community.”

Solidarity comes naturally to Cabico

“The human touch has always been central to the Cabico approach,” the president added. “The idea of taking care of people is key to how we deal with our customers. Helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey is simply an extension of what we are, and we do it with a deep sense of empathy,” he concluded. Cabico joins the long list of major companies that are helping affected families get their lives back on track after Hurricane Harvey.

Emily FischelComment