Things we simply cannot live without

  1. Our under-counter trash cans. Whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 compartments, they are an absolute necessity for keeping waste out of the way. Check recycling regulations with your local municipality before finalizing your design!!

  2. A single-handed faucet. While dual controls certainly have charm, when your hands are sticky or full of ingredients, there’s nothing like being able to nudge a handle to get a spritz. Really — isn’t is all about life being easier??

  3. While we’re discussing faucets — how about the pullout function of our kitchen faucet. Necessary to reach all corners for cleanup or scootching low to minimize splash, it’s a must.

  4. Under-cabinet lighting. Once considered a luxury, these fixtures are now a necessity: for cooling, cleaning, or simply mood lighting. And they’re so inexpensive!

  5. Ceiling-height cabinets. While we certainly aren’t able to reach the top shelves, a strategically placed step-stool (don’t forget to leave space for this in your design) is a life saver, and the high cabinets actually make the ceiling seem higher.