4 ways to organize cooking utensils

Working in the kitchen often requires the use of several cooking utensils, which means you probably have a nice collection of spatulas, ladles and other tools. Scrounging through a drawer while you're trying to prepare a meal can become extremely frustrating, so make locating implements easier with one of these helpful organization methods:

1. Find a container
Bring all of your tools into the light by setting them inside a large container on the countertop. You can use a variety of holders for your items. For example, a large glass jar or crock would contain everything really well. These options usually work the best because they're wide enough to hold several tools but heavy enough that they won't tip over.

Another option would be to find an old vase or other repurposed item from a second hand store. Whichever you choose, make sure the overall look matches the kitchen design. For instance, a rustic vase would fit well in a country style kitchen.

2. Hang them up
If you're limited on counter space, then find a way to use the walls. Attaching a rod to the underside of the kitchen cupboards or to the wall behind the stove creates the perfect place for hanging utensils. With the rod firmly in place, you can attach the tools in several ways. If the implements have holes on the end, simply use an S-hook and let the items dangle directly from the rod.

If you don't like this look, then try attaching a basket to the rod instead. You can then place your spatulas and other utensils inside the bucket. This way, they'll all be in an organized place but off the counter and out of your drawers.

3. Create a caddy
Organizing a lot of utensils will require a little more creativity. However, making your own caddy is a fun and easy way to arrange your tools. All you need is an old lazy Susan and some cans, jars or other containers you can attach to it. Add a little personality to your utensil caddy by painting the cans and the base. After you've used glue or small nails to anchor the containers to the lazy Susan, place the utensils inside. Now you have an easily accessible tool caddy that keeps your items organized.

4. Organize in a base cabinet with your knives
Our favorite is the newer base cabinets that have come from our suppliers.  Our more custom suppliers can make you one that will suit your family exactly, while there are also inserts available from others. We have actually put these in almost every kitchen we're completed lately! Check a few of the pictures out below.  Which one would be best for your needs?

Emily FischelComment