Cool tech for your kitchen

It’s time to bring your kitchen gadgets into the 21st century. New technology is being created every day, some of which will enhance your kitchen space. Integrating the latest tech into your home has the potential to simplify and organize your life. Consider using some of these tools in the future:

Hands-free faucet
You’ve probably used an automatic faucet in public places before, but why not install one in your home? Using a motion-detecting faucet will make turning the water on a lot easier when your hands are full. Water waste will also be reduced because the faucet will shut off as soon as you move an object out of the sensor. Everyone is guilty of letting the water run needlessly every now and then, whether for rinsing dishes or brushing teeth. With a hands-free faucet, you’ll no longer be letting all that water run down the drain.

Electronic plant pot
Growing plants is difficult. They’re living organisms that are sensitive to light and temperature, not to mention you have to remember to water them on a regular basis. Plants are a wonderful way to enhance your kitchen decor – if you can keep them alive. For those who lack a green thumb, there is now a tech solution for your gardening woes. Electronic plant pots make it easier to monitor the vitality of your plants. These devices will do all the hard work for you, like watering and lighting the herbs you’ve planted. They also monitor soil and nutrition levels. All you have to do is refill the container when it indicates the water, batteries or other levels are low.

Smart trash can
For those of you who constantly forget about trash day, this gadget will help you remember. The smart can will send you alerts reminding you to put the trash out, and it will also notify you when you’re getting low on trash bags. Never again will you have to put up with two weeks worth of stinky garbage or fill old grocery bags with trash until you make your next store run.

Charging station
If you like looking at recipes on your iPad or another device while you cook, have a charging and mounting station installed in your kitchen cupboards. The ability to charge your devices in a designated location will leave your countertop free of clutter, and the mounting space will keep your hands free for mixing ingredients.

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