6 ways to make a small kitchen feel big

When you have a small kitchen, you may not be able to change much about the layout, but there are a few things you can to do make the space feel bigger. Here are a few ideas to implement in your compact space to make the kitchen seem more spacious:

1. Change the kitchen cabinets
Instead of using traditional cupboards, have them replaced with glass-paneled doors or even open shelving. This will allow the eye to travel to the back of the cabinet wall, which will give your kitchen more depth and make it feel a little bigger. If you decide to go with this look, however, make sure your dishware matches. The overall look will flow better if your plates and cups are organized and are the same color.

2. Incorporate the appliances
Leaving small appliances, like the microwave, on the countertop reduces your kitchen work space and also makes the area look more cramped. To clear the counter, have custom cabinetry installed with a space reserved for your small appliances. This will allow you to use your countertops for other things and will also give your kitchen a tidy appearance.

3. Paint the space white
Covering the walls in white or even choosing cabinets in this color will make your space feel a lot bigger. The light shade brightens the kitchen, which creates a more inviting space. Darker hues tend to produce a more compact feel, so using light tones, like white or gray, will cause the kitchen to seem more spacious.

Love the look of this beautiful rendering by Canyon Creek using their Millennia line of cabinetry.  Ask us to see our projects using this cabinetry.

4. Use natural light
Going off of the last point, you want to really illuminate the room, and natural light is one of the best ways to do that. If you have any windows in the kitchen, don’t cover them with thick curtains or shades. Instead, use a thin material that will still let in plenty of light.

5.Clear the space
If you block in the kitchen in any way, it’s going to feel closed off and small. Keep the area around the kitchen clear by strategically placing furniture away from any openings. For instance, if the table sits close to the kitchen entrance, try moving it closer to the wall to give you better access to the other room.

6. Keep it clean
The easiest way to make a small kitchen appear absolutely miniscule is to let it become cluttered. You already have limited counter space, so allowing items to pile up will reduce the size of the area even more. Avoid this effect by staying on top of your kitchen cleaning. You can also use helpful tools, like hanging buckets, to keep smaller items organized.

Emily FischelComment