WOW Product Alert: Pastore™ Waterfall Wood Countertops and Butcher Block Tables by Grothouse

Edge Grain Walnut with Sapwood. Design by Lobkovich.

Grothouse solid wood Pastore Tables are the latest design trend in today’s luxury homes. This style has a solid wood countertop that is mitered to solid waterfall legs, creating the appearance of a continuous surface that blends into legs. So is it a countertop or a table? The answer is both; the design can take form of a table or a countertop. Pastore designs can be used in several applications. Often they are placed over island cabinets or used as tables and desks. They can be fixed, or installed with casters to create a moveable surface for additional counter space.

Many designers use this clever product to integrate wood surfacing into their contemporary and transitional designs. They find the addition of the wood surfaces helps improve the warmth and live- ability of any room. Using wood also helps quiet down a room and adds an organic textural element.

Pastore tables can be styled to use for direct chopping, or sealed with Durata finish for a maintenance free surface. The addition of wheels to the Pastore Table creates a mobile kitchen work table for food prep or seating.

Emily FischelComment