What am I excited to be selling R&F products? Aside from the obvious...

Rodan + Fields had quite an amazing year, and so did my Team & I.

We were named the fastest growing premium skincare company in the country and the 4th largest premium skincare company in the country.
We expanded into Canada and had incredible growth.
Unblemish was named the #1 premium acne line.
The Doctors were named in the Top 10 female entrepreneurs of the decade.
The amazing business opportunity with us was featured in two high end magazines and on the Today Show.
Tons of publications featured our company and fantastic products - all free press. Allure even named FIVE of our products in their top beauty picks of 2015.
We announced an expansion into Australia for Fall of 2016.

🌟It literally just keeps getting better and there's no end in site. Just look at Proactiv: Twenty years later and still number ONE and that's just in the acne market.
🌟We are taking the world by storm. Why? Because our products are the best out there AND they give real opportunities and flexibility to families. E-commerce is the way of the future.

The two best known names in dermatology are telling YOU that you can use their products, their brand, their shipping department, their customer service department, and their website...just wash your face and talk about it. Yep, it's that easy!
Today is the last day in 2015 which I will make the most of, but 2016 is in plain sight and my goals are set BIG!!!

Are You Ready? Join me and find yourself loving your skin, the people you meet, the fun R+F incentives, & the extra money in your bank account!😊