What makes for easy and approachable kitchen design?

If you're putting together your dream kitchen, adjectives like "easy and approachable" are probably exactly what you're looking for. After all, unless you're the head chef of a modernist metropolitan restaurant, you're probably not into intimidating spaces. So what makes for an easy and approachable kitchen design? Consider these tips.

Avoid modern and contemporary
Although sleek and stylish, modern or contemporary kitchen designs can also be off-puttingly cold to some folks. Finding the right blend between that industrial style and a more comfortable design is key.

Don't get too rustic
Of course, you don't want to fall too far on the other end of the spectrum. One thing modern kitchens have going for them is efficiency, while rustic designs often feature more ornate styles and layouts. Try to find a middle ground - perhaps mixing frameless cabinets with wood materials and warm colors.

Find what works best for you
At the end of the day, easy and approachable is what you make it. If spaciousness is more comfortable than coziness, lean in that direction. Visit the kitchens of friends and family to compare styles and help yourself make a decision.

Emily FischelComment