Four fun culinary stocking stuffers

For better or worse, you can't fit a stylish new oven or custom cabinets in your special someone's Christmas stocking. In fact, you can't even fit these under the tree. But what you can do is find smaller but no less stylish or fun stocking stuffers for the kitchen. Consider this quartet of ideas.

1. Pizza cutter
Who doesn't love pizza? And frankly, when you get a glimpse at some of the intense pizza cutter designs on the market - pizza cutters that look more like buzz saws or motorcycles than kitchen utensils - you'll be tempted to buy a whole bunch of them.

2. Whiskey stones
Know someone who loves his or her scotch neat but wishes it could be just a little chillier in that glass? Whiskey stones are the perfect stocking gift. No melting ice, just cold whiskey.

3. Garlic peeler
Help out your loved one with one of the most difficult tasks any cook has to deal with - peeling garlic cloves. I admit, I just received one of these from my sister, and!

4. Tea towels
Who couldn't use an extra towel or two most days in the kitchen? Go with an awesome print or color to match the kitchen design.

Emily FischelComment