How to craft better salads this winter

Salad isn't usually winter-weather food. It lacks the heartiness of a meat-and-potatoes diet and most of the ingredients just aren't in season. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be getting our daily dose of veggies and tasty greens. Consider these tips for crafting better salads this winter.

Seek out fresh, seasonal ingredients
Getting fresh ingredients sometimes means substituting in seasonal produce you wouldn't normally include. Check out Belgian endives, Brussels sprouts, kale and sweet potatoes as delicious additions.

Make your own dressings
Need to liven up your salad with something other than the bland store-bought varieties of dressings? Go ahead and make your own. Check out some ingredients online, but try putting your own spin on things.

Get experimental

With your kitchen cabinets well-stocked with a variety of winter produce, experimenting is probably going to come naturally. But suggests some other fun alternatives - sunflower seeds, soft cheeses (goat is great!), hazelnuts, berries, preserved items like capers or a bunch of quinoa for a more filling meal. Pack yourcustom cabinets and pantry with plenty of options and get creative!

Emily FischelComment