New Year, New Kitchen

Now that it's a brand-new year, you're probably itching to do some serious de-cluttering and renovation. Unfortunately, spring cleaning is still a few months away, and the weather doesn't exactly agree with a lot of open windows and airing out the house. Luckily, there are a few basic changes you can make in your kitchen to liven things up and refresh your kitchen design.

Install new cabinets
One of the best efficiency and aesthetic makeovers you can do is install new kitchen cabinets. Consider how custom cabinets could help bring your kitchen brightly to life while offering a plethora of new storage options.

Get busy on a big cleanout
Before you replace the cabinets, maybe it's time to delve into the fridge, pantry and other recesses of your kitchen and clean it all out. Do this in one day if you want, or consider this handy 20-minutes-a-day-for-five-days routine over at

Mix up your walls
Painting during the winter is tough, since fumes are guaranteed to build up unabated without an open window. Why not give your walls an extra dose of character with new posters, prints, paintings and photos?

Emily FischelComment