Enjoy a tastier breakfast with a breakfast bar

Kitchen design is a tough game, mixing stylish aesthetics with function. It's no wonder that fixtures like custom cabinets work so successfully, expertly blending these two aspects of design into a good-looking and efficient whole. One other piece of kitchen furniture that works just as well is the breakfast bar.

As part of your kitchen island, a breakfast bar makes for the perfect perch point, especially with a couple of stylish, cozy stools. You'll enjoy poring over the newspaper with your piping hot coffee in hand, and your kids are sure to love the convenient place to get homework done or enjoy a bowl of cereal or fruit each morning.

You know those common comments about how food tastes better on holidays or when someone else has made it? Having a casual spot to enjoy a meal can also improve how much you enjoy it! Just consider how a breakfast bar can add a bit of taste to your morning routine! And when not in use, this spot is sure to come in handy as a buffet or sideboard. You can even use it for extra prep room before a big dinner party!

Emily FischelComment