Create a nursery that is (almost) worthy of your newborn

If you're an expectant mom or soon-to-be dad, you probably can't wait for your bundle of joy to arrive. Eager parents often satiate their baby fever by preparing for the newest family member - so now is the time to delve into nursery design!

Closet organization and room functionality will make those first few months of parenthood infinitely easier. As you accumulate onesies, teeny tiny shoes and other swoon-worthy items, make sure you have the proper place to store them. Shoe racks and and diaper bags should be ready-to-go when the baby arrives, and toy chests, display shelves and drawers can do their part to eliminate clutter.

Don't buy into the idea that your baby's sex determines the look of his or her nursery - there are as many design esthetics for nurseries as there are for other rooms in the home! If you're going the unisex route, consider a classic, monochromatic look enhanced by a diversity of textures. Looking for a more modern take on unisex decorating? Consider a fun chevron print enhanced by gender-neutral colors like yellow, grey, green or brown.

Whether you're looking for a unisex design or a traditional (read: pink or blue) color scheme, you can still play up your design with a fun, kid-friendly theme. Two of our favorites are the nautical look and the circus-inspired theme.

Emily FischelComment