Just for fun: bedrooms of the stars

We all wish we could have the lavish homes of Hollywood A-listers. While you may not walk the red carpet each year, you can still have celebrity-inspired design right in your bedroom. Here is some inspiration for your bedroom straight from some of today's hottest stars:

A crisp white palette
Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick settle down at night in their laid-back Bridgehampton master bedroom. The interior design of the space combines crisp white walls, bedding and curtains with pops of color in a bedside lamp, headboard, chairs and decor pieces for a dramatic statement.

We love the dramatic look of this bedroom

We love the dramatic look of this bedroom

Engaging prints
Ellen Pompeo, of "Grey's Anatomy," plays with visually enticing prints and textures throughout her bedroom, with a dramatic tapestry that draws upon Indian, Egyptian and West African designs with a patterned throw blanket and plenty of neutral-colored pillows. Don't be afraid to experiment with various textures and patterns in your own bedroom.

Elements of nature
Singer/songwriter John Mayer accents his bedroom with elements of nature, like a metallic silver vase filled with wintry branches and a framed picture of colorful blooms above his bed. Bringing the outdoors in can make for a simple, natural and serene space.

Warm colors
Jada Pinkett and Will Smith boast a Moroccan-inspired bedroom with the use of rich, warm hues, plenty of pillows, colorful flowers, a walk-in closet design and a tapestry hung above the bed. Shades like deep oranges and reds can create a comfortable ambiance.

And you? Tell us what interesting touches you've added to make that space uniquely yours.