Wires and Cables and Outlets, Oh My!

Are you as exasperated as we are at seeing 23,000 types of wire and cable and connectors in the floor near your entertainment center or computer station? Not only are they are unsightly, but they are major dust collectors. And can somebody please find the remote control unit for the audio system?

Until we reside in a truly wireless world, these are the details you may want to discuss with your contractor well before any work begins, because it’s so much easier to hide wires and cables during construction than as an afterthought.

If, however, you’re trying to manage new equipment, there are a gazillion items around, from cable management boxes to simple cable ties to uber-modern power strips and cable holders.

And there are some more great ideas here: http://www.houzz.com/photos/cable-management.

If you can train your family, a simple coffee table basket can be used to hold the variety of remote controls that seem to reproduce as quickly as rabbits. Or – if you can REALLY train them – a designated drawer in your new entertainment center will help with the clutter. Be sure to think about drawer sizes and depths to accommodate that growing collection!

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