Getting furniture indentations out of the carpet


If you're planning on renovating certain areas of the home, you probably want to move around your furniture. Or maybe you're buying a new sofa to match your cabinet styles. But if you've had certain pieces sitting there for years, there are probably a few deep indents in the carpet, which don't contribute much to the interior design of the space. Here are a few easy tricks to eliminating these less-than-desirable indentations:

Ice cube
Simply place an ice cube on each indentation and leave it overnight. Then swipe over the carpet using a wire brush, which should easily lift the carpet back up to its original structure.


Damp towel
For a particularly deep dent, lay a moist hand towel over it. Then grab an iron on medium heat and gently run it over the towel. The fibers in the carpet will start to rise up under the heat. Leave the towel on the marking and remove when dry. Then, vacuum over the area so the fibers stand up to their maximum height.

Steam machine
This is one of the easiest ways to get your carpet nice and smooth again. Spritz a little water over the area, then follow your steamer's directions to remove any impressions effectively.

Use your hands
If it's not a big indentation, tease the carpet with your fingers. After about five to 10 minutes, vacuum over the area to encourage the carpet fibers to rise up.

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