Ways to store your beauty tools in the bathroom

There are a lot of tools that often are used in your morning routine, like hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, brushes, combs, barrettes and scrunchies. With everything all out on the counter at once, this can make for a lot of unnecessary clutter. Here are a few ideas for storing your beauty items so that they're easy to access when you need them:

Use plant holders

This homeowner opted to transform plant holders into storage areas for her blow dryer and other bathroom essentials. She mounted three onto the wall, which fit the interior design style of the rest of the room and even helped free up cabinet space.

Hanging organizer

If your shower doesn't have any built-in shelving, simply use a hanging organizer, which drapes over your showerhead and gives you additional space when your tub lacks wide ledges. This way, you'll have everything you'll need while you're in the shower, from shampoo and conditioner to shaving cream and body wash.

An organized bathroom ... what a treat!

An organized bathroom ... what a treat!

Divide your cabinets

Traditional cabinetry is essential to keeping your bathroom organized. Group items into categories, like shaving products, makeup, medicines, perfumes, nail care items, etc., to make them easier to find. If you have the space, organizing your makeup into groups like eyes, lips, face, etc., is even better!

A storage basket

If you have a pedestal sink, you don't have any under-counter storage. Make the most of this space by placing a large basket under the sink filled with towels and any other tools you may need.

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