What Kind of Wood Should I Buy for My New Cabinets?

My customers are asking, "what kind of wood should I buy for my cabinets?"

Wood species vary greatly in price and characteristics. Red Oak and Beech are generally less expensive, yet are very strong, durable and beautifully grained. Hickory is also very affordable, and is known for bold grain patterns and strong color variations. Alder has a straight, close grain and fine, even surface. Maple costs a bit more, but is extremely popular for its strength, consistent color and fairly uniform grain pattern. Cherry is a premium species, with a smooth texture and distinctive amber glow. Other premium species include Rift White Oak, VG Fir and Bamboo. Also available: Foil, Metal, Laminate and Exotic Veneers.

Stained Maple from Haas Cabinets

Stained Maple from Haas Cabinets

For knots, pin holes, bark pockets and other naturally-occurring variations, try Rustic versions of Hickory, Alder, Maple, Beech and Pine. Some species are only available in frameless cabinetry, so be sure to ask your designer. Given the random nature of color and grain pattern, it is a good idea to view the largest sample possible before making a decision.

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