Create a Home Library for the Ultimate Reading Experience

If you're an avid reader, having a home library is a great way to store your books. Different cabinet styles that incorporate open shelves, drawers and closed cabinets can create the perfect storage solution. Unique cabinet design in the form of a home library can create both a conversation piece and cozy retreat. Here are some home library ideas we love:

Create a cozy reading nook using an extra room or living space that features a fireplace, a comfy chair and animal fur (or faux fur) rug. This will create the ultimate place to dive into a good book! Dark wood floor-to-ceiling cabinet designs add to the overall warmth of the room while a sliding ladder makes hard-to-reach shelves accessible.

- Create a library collection Belle would be jealous of by using cabinet designs in your open living space. Tall open shelving looks stunning on the first floor - but it looks even better along the walls of a lofted second story! Keep this space nice and bright with multiple light fixtures and a comfy seating area to create the ultimate reading oasis.

- If you don't have an entire room to devote to a home library, consider using a custom entertainment center in your living space to store books. It may be a more attainable solution that still looks great for a beginner library collection.

Emily FischelComment