Choosing the right color for your home office space

Did you know that your home office's color palette can make or break your creativity streak, promote productivity and severely affect your mood? Color theory has been proven to help homeowners and entrepreneurs surround themselves with colors that promote energy and hard work. Here are the best colors to use in your office space:

Orange and Red - These colors are proven to stimulate the mind and create a sense of energy and enthusiasm. These bright colors help stir up conversation and collaboration as well as a sense of excitement and positivity, which is great for promoting productivity. If these colors are out of your comfort zone, try painting an accent wall in either of these colors for a burst of a hue that isn't overpowering. Another way to incorporate these energetic colors in the office space is to use them in decorative items like pillows, desk or paper organizers, or picture frames.

Pale Blue or Brown - Pale blue, rather than a bright blue, is a good color choice to help you stay focused throughout the workday. Shades of brown are great for promoting a sense of security and credibility in your office space, which is great if you entertain clients frequently in your office. Try using both colors by painting your office walls a pale blue and accenting the color with a brown cabinet design.

Emily FischelComment