Oh please, tell us more about MDF!

Ok, you asked for it, so here's a bit more info about the MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) product.

Second only to not seeing the joint lines (which by the way, doesn't bother me at all because it's expected in a natural wood product), MDF is normally PRICED LOWER than all wood species. OH HAPPY DAY, right?! Though the door style would be priced the same, the standard paint on MDF is a 0% upcharge with our newest supplier, Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry. ZERO PERCENT.  OK, so stop reading right now and call us.

In case you didn’t call, here's a little more info.

  • The density of MDF makes for a cleaner cut during processing, as well as tighter seams between rails & stiles compared to paint-grade wood.
  • MDF has a smooth finish look without wood grain patterns coming through (which is often evident on paint-grade doors).
  • MDF is very easy to finish.
  • The softwood material used in Elmwood's MDF is what makes the material so smooth for finishing. This material significantly reduces the amount of raised fibers that you may get from other manufacturers.
  • The rounded corners that were once the tell-tale sign of an MDF door is almost non-existent due to the precision tools & software our suppliers use.

Did someone say GREEN? Since we know that is important to so many these days (yes, Meredith, I am talking directly to you), which is a wonderful thing by the way…

  • MDF is a “Green” product.
  • 100% recycled material is used.
  • The material is a by-product from softwood lumber mills. This means that no tree is cut down with the sole purpose of becoming MDF fibers.
  • No formaldehyde is added to the product.
  • All of the MDF that Elmwood & our suppliers use is both FSC and CARB II compliant.

So what are you waiting for, future Open Door customers, contact us today….then you too can say you’re doing your part for the environment!