Let's Organize ... The Zones in Your Kitchen

The kitchen has evolved - it's no longer just a space where one person prepares dinner and does dishes. The space is becoming more lived in - kids bring their homework to the kitchen table, guests gather there during get-togethers, and there are often multiple people preparing dinner. Keep your kitchen design as functional as it is stylish by separating the space into various zones.

Food prep zone
You'll want to place your food preparation zone right next to the stove and the oven to make it easy to transfer ingredients into pots and pans. Have all of the necessary tools nearby, such as cutting boards, knives, cooking oils and seasonings.

Although this is not an enormous kitchen, note how well the zones are laid out.

Although this is not an enormous kitchen, note how well the zones are laid out.

Baking zone
Do you bake often? If so, consider putting all of your baking supplies into one area to maximize the process. Designate a corner of your kitchen to whipping up sweet treats by placing a stand mixer on the counter, and having various bowls and tools in the kitchen cabinets underneath and below so they're easy to access when you need them.

Entertainment zone
If you invite guests over on a frequent basis, having a specific zone for entertainment can be extremely helpful. Offer a space for your guests to mingle while you work on preparing dinner and drinks. Consider a multi-level kitchen island with plenty of seating to give them a place to relax while you cook. Kids can also use this space to eat breakfast in the morning.

What other zones do you think are important? Call us soon to discuss your kitchen plans.